Ship Int. Canson


Mike hamby said...

Hello Andy; I realy enjoy looking at this concept of yours;; Everytime I look at it I visulize a different envirement that it would be in as regards a ship form.. Have you persued this design any further and come up with a spacecraft that this control station might might be in.
I enjoy all your work. Its an insperation to view. V/R Mike Hamby USA

Tom Johnson said...

I saw this image and the one below in the Art Center
College gallery, that was 1991. I was on a tour of the school, and was blown away, it was on toned paper with colored pencil, chalk and marker, seeing it now brings me back to that moment of inspiration!

Monkey said...

Wow! I remember this so vividly! Drove me hard to get in the same case next semester! Thanks for kicking so much ass that it trickled down to me some!